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User Friendly Interface

Our creative designers will ensure user friendly navigation with easy-to-use interfaces that will increase your conversion rate.


Responsive Design

All websites created by us have a strong visual appeal on all devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, phablets, kindles, notebooks, and mobile phones

SEO Ready

Our designers incorporate SEO-ready components with on-page search engine optimization with a view to increasing your Google ranking fast

Cross Browser Compatibility

Different browsers display websites in their own way resulting in variations. Our design ensures that your website will be displayed correctly on all browsers.


High Speed Website Technology

We ensure quick page loading with cache clearing built in, to enhance user experience, conversions, and the greatest possibility of improving your site’s search ranking.

Content Management System

We use WordPress, the best CMS in the world, for website development. This allows anyone without experience to publish their content and easily add pages.

Packages and Pricing

A Ton of Value at Affordable Prices

Tremendous annual SAVINGS with FREE Hosting, SSL, Domain & Email as standard

Ready To Go Site Options

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How It Works

Please read fully and carefully in order to truly grasp and appreciate the enormity of this outstanding opportunity:

What it is: All the Digital Services Business Websites offer essential business services such as Sales Lead Generation, Facebook Ads Management & Social Media Posting Management. All the Digital Services Business Websites come in 7 highly sought after hot niche markets.

What you do: When a customer purchases a Digital Service from your chosen Business website you simply place the order with a dedicated supplier. In the case of websites and branding these are dealt with ‘in-house’. All other services are outsourced to carefully vetted suppliers who are very experienced, proven and reliable experts in their specialism. The list of supplier sources is a sensitive and very valuable piece of information in itself. The suppliers will then deliver the Digital Service direct to your customer leaving you with a very healthy profit for essentially passing your customers details on to them. You are free to set your own prices and packages but a minimum 100% mark-up is suggested. This concept is perfectly ethical and quite normal. Your local supermarket sells goods they didn’t make or grow. The house builder outsources numerous special skills to many sub-contractors – the principle is just the same. Obviously if you have digital service skills you could undertake the service directly and make even more profits [more on that later].

Your main focus will be marketing your website and services and to help with that you are provided with a very comprehensive set of marketing strategies and plans that are proven and work very well. Of course if you don’t want to undertake any marketing your self you can always employ one of the experts to do this for you and that way you get to test their impressive expertise first hand. A full Marketing Plan is included in the sale. The Social Media Marketing element of the plan is the latest strategy that marketers are using because SEO has become costly and time consuming with no guarantees of targeted traffic that converts to sales. Professional Marketers are now using Social Media strategies to quickly get traffic that converts to sales. You will have access to all of this.

Potential: If you can generate just one sale per day on your Digital Services Business Agency Website you are looking at a very healthy income per week which can be used to replace a full time job.  This is achievable with very little time invested comparative to your returns. Your first couple of sales should easily cover the cost of purchasing your Digital Services Business Agency Website so what have you got to lose?

There are excellent profit margins no one can find outside the Digital Services space. Your business has unlimited growth potential meaning it is easy to scale up to double income without a lot more time being spent. And remember your Digital Services Business Website comes with Free Hosting Permanently, so you have No Ongoing Expenses.

What you need: You don’t need any experience to run this business. Your Website comes with back-up suppliers. Your Digital Services Business Website is very newbie friendly as there is no maintenance required. No Programming Skills Needed, No Maintenance Time Required. All you need as is a Free Godaddy Account so we can transfer the domain name to your registrar, so you own it. You will also need some social media accounts.

What you get: Apart from the superb website itself the are a whole host of inclusions: integration for ticked email on your website (free and permanent), Premium domain name, Premium design, Marketing Plan, Social Media Marketing Guides, Ongoing backing & support, Two Leading Publications on Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce, Latest Methods of Marketing on Facebook, Latest Methods of Marketing on Instagram, Latest Methods of Marketing on Pinterest. You will soon become a marketing expert in your own right and at this point may decide to undertake some of the services yourself thus increasing your profit margins even more – your choice of course.

Remember: As part of the sale we can host your website site FREE OF CHARGE Permanently on high speed hosting which has all sites hosted individually. It is panel with 24 core cpu, cloudlinux with litespeed and 100gbps ddos protection. This type of hosting is FAR SUPERIOR TO REGULAR HOSTING. This service is part of the sale, FREE OF CHARGE. No ongoing Expenses.

Bottom Line: Without doubt this is the best and easiest opportunity you will ever find.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I have used the Marketing Plan provided with the site & it works very well on Social Media. The delivery was fast & the advice & after sales service has been excellent. Better still my site is returning a very healthy profit & some days I do multiple sales. It feels like if I can get this right, the sky is the limit..I have already bought a second site & plan to run 4 websites full time. One of the sites I am looking at I think has potential to go viral & do hundreds of sales per week”

John Turner ~ Boston . Massachusetts

“I have been looking for a second income for some time now & this has really surpassed my expectations..I didn’t realise how easy it would be to run this business where everything is basically done for you.  I still have a lot of time on my hands even though I am a mother of 2 and I plan to purchase more reseller websites & market them using facebook as I have learnt a lot from the marketing materials & am fully confident with driving traffic now “

Silvia Lopez - Wellington New Zealand

“There is so much confusion on how to make money online these days…so much noise. I didn’t even know where to start & was lucky enough to have been referred by a friend who has 3 websites & has now quit his full time job to focus on growing his reseller businesses. I have a site in my area of interest & I am concentrating on driving traffic to the site because it give such a great return on investment & profit margin “

Shelly Stockton -London UK

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you provide a free SSL Certificate on a permanent basis?

We own a dedicated server delivering the highest speeds possible and our package includes free SSL certification for all accounts.


How can you provide Free Hosting Permanently?

We own a dedicated server with space for 10,000+ websites, it is easy for us to build sites and keep files on our secure server. If we transfer your site to your hosting, it often sites runs slower and in a less secure environment. However we are happy to migrate sites to your hosting free of charge.

As well as free hosting for your site we will set up a hosted email this will be hosted free of charge permanently as well, saving you $72 per year.


Will I be the full rightful owner of this website?

Absolutely. All rights are transferred to you together with the website.

What CMS do you use, and why?

We use WordPress for all the sites we develop. WordPress is an easy and super-friendly CMS used by over 7.5 million websites of all sizes and niches. And we recommend it to all online entrepreneurs, even the ones with zero experience.

What if I need to make some changes in the future?

We provide full customer support, so you can apply for our services anytime you like.

Will I be able to make changes by myself?

WordPress based sites are easy to edit, and you can make changes yourself. As for static landing pages, editing them is more difficult, so we normally advise their owners to apply for our professional support, in case they have no relevant experience.

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